Where to invest your money in 2024 ?

The 05/04/2024 in "Financial news"

Savings, the cornerstone of financial security, are fundamental to building lasting wealth and preparing for the future. Faced with unstable financial markets and fluctuating fiat currencies, investors are turning to tangible assets such as gold and silver.

These precious metals, renowned for their ability to retain their value over time, provide essential diversification and protection against inflation, making them the cornerstone of any investment strategy.

Traditional investment options

In a constantly changing economic climate, choosing where to invest your savings in 2024 requires some strategic thinking. Precious metals, such as gold, come to the fore in times of economic instability.

Although less volatile than other assets, other traditional investment options continue to play a crucial role for many investors, offering stability and security despite market turbulence.

Property investment

In the face of this uncertainty, Sociétés Civiles de Placement Immobilier (SCPI) is a more stable option. SCPIs offer access to commercial property with a modest initial investment, attractive yields and delegated management, minimising constraints for investors.

The average yield on SCPIs is around 4.4%, although this figure can vary depending on the investment strategy and management of each SCPI. Unlike precious metals, property offers reassuring tangibility and constancy, making SCPIs a wise choice for diversifying your portfolio without exposing yourself too much to market volatility.

Livret A

The Livret A, with its regulated savings frozen at 3% until 2025, represents a risk-free savings option for investors. Although returns are modest, the security and liquidity it offers are unrivalled.

It's an ideal solution for those looking to preserve their purchasing power without exposing themselves to high risks.

Life insurance or PEL

Life insurance and the Plan d'Epargne Logement ( PEL) are versatile financial investments, suitable for a variety of purposes, from saving for retirement to building wealth. Life insurance, in particular, offers diversification through a combination of euro funds and unit-linked products, with attractive tax benefits after eight years of ownership.

The interest rate for PELs opened today is set at 1% (before social security and tax deductions). PELs openedbefore this period may have higher rates, set when the plan is opened. The PEL, on the other hand, encourages long-term savings with subsidised interest and the possibility of obtaining a home loan at a preferential rate.

Equities and bonds

Investing in stocks and bonds remains a tried and tested method for those looking to grow their savings beyond inflation. Despite market fluctuations, buying gold and silver, as well as investing in solid companies or government bonds, can offer significant returns.

Equities, although more volatile, offer the potential for long-term growth, while bonds provide a fixed income, helping to balance and diversify an investment portfolio.

Investing in physical gold and silver : the tangible value of savings

Physical gold and silver are a favoured option for many investors, particularly at a time when financial markets are highly volatile and confidence in fiat currencies is uncertain. These precious metals, renowned for their resilience through the ages, offer not only undeniable intrinsic value, but also an opportunity to diversify any asset portfolio.

Investing in gold or silver is not just a speculative move; it is first and foremost insurance against currency erosion and a proven method of preserving wealth over the long term. For example, in 2011, the dollar fell to lows around 73-75, while gold reached an all-time high of over USD 1,900 per ounce. The dollar index fell by more than 6% between March and August 2020, resulting in a significant increase in the price of gold, which exceeded USD 2,000 per ounce, and silver, which doubled to more than USD 24 per ounce. This dynamic illustrates the appeal of precious metals as a hedge against economic uncertainty and currency devaluation.

The options for investing in these metals are varied, ranging from the purchase of historic coins such as the 20 Franc Napoléon Or or the 5 Franc Écu in silver, to the acquisition of one-ounce gold ingots. These forms of financing offer savers not only tangible value, but also flexibility in terms of liquidity and storage. Coins, in particular, add a collectability aspect that can extend their reach beyond the price of gold or silver.

Investing in gold and silver also acts as a shield against inflation. In a world where real interest rates can be negative, these precious metals retain their purchasing power. What's more, they offer investment portfolio diversification, often acting as a contrarian to equities or bonds. This makes them valuable assets, especially in times of economic turbulence or financial crisis.

Investing your savings in precious metals, particularly the yellow metal, could therefore be a particularly relevant investment option in 2024. Faced with economic instability and the search for profitable savings, gold stands out for its ability to preserve the value of invested capital. What's more, gold, silver and platinum are sound choices for those seeking to diversify their portfolios and guard against inflation.

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