I°) How to buy gold on ? 


A°) Place an order on the site (investment gold, investment silver, numismatics)

You can pay for the entire order by cheque, bank transfer or credit card, which you must confirm within 72 hours of receiving the purchase confirmation email.

Also, due to fluctuations in the price of gold and silver, you only have 72 hours to make full payment for the goods. If this deadline is not met, reserves the right to cancel your order (in which case you will be informed). 

 For each order, a confirmation email will be sent to you.


B°) The different means of payment to buy gold

How to buy gold and by which means? You can select your payment method by clicking on the one of your choice. In all cases, it is essential to provide us with a photocopy or scan of both sides of your valid identity card or passport.

 Credit card : You can pay by credit card. We accept VISA, CB and MASTERCARD. However, we do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS. Payment by credit card must be validated by the 3D SECURE code issued by your bank to finalise the purchase. Again, you must send us a photocopy or scan of both sides of your identity card or passport so that we can validate the order.


 Bank transfer : If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will receive our bank details by email. The transfer must be made within 72 hours, it is necessary that you send us a photocopy or scan of both sides of your identity card, passport or valid residence permit.

If you are ordering in the name of a company, you must send us a Kbis of less than 3 months old and a photocopy or scan of the front and back of the company manager's identity card.

 Cheque : You must send us a cheque within 72 hours (standard bank cheque) accompanied by a photocopy of both sides of your identity card, passport or residence permit. The cheque, made out to Godot et Fils Net, can be sent to us by post (we advise you to send it by registered post) or dropped off at our offices at 26 rue Vivienne in Paris.

After receipt of the cheque, it takes 3 working weeks for the bank to check the solvency of the cheque. After that, your order will be definitively validated.

II°) Delivery of your orders

It is up to you to choose if you prefer to be delivered or if you wish to recover the goods bought in one of our agencies GODOT & FILS.

 If you choose to be delivered at home, you will receive the goods by carrier who will hand over the parcel to you against signature. The shipping costs are automatically determined by the website software at the time of purchase, according to the order.

 For more information on how to buy gold, see our delivery section or contact us on 0800.119.119.


III°) Our storage options : safekeeping 

We also offer you the possibility of storing your precious metal in our secure and insured vaults, in partnership with the world's number one in precious metal storage.

 In addition to the total security of this solution, it also allows you to resell your metal at any time, as we have it physically available.

If you choose to place your purchases in a safe deposit box, you will receive your personal purchase invoice as well as a certificate from Godot & Fils Net confirming that your precious metal is in safe custody.

 To find out more about how to invest in gold, visit our safekeeping section or contact us on 0800.119.119.


Would you like more information?

 For more information on how to buy gold or how to invest in gold, please contact us on 0800.119.119 or via our contact page.