The company achat-or-et-argent was born out of a partnership between Godot & Fils, the french expery in precious metal trading since 1933.


Our company, Godot & Fils, is based in FRANCE in Paris and located near the Paris bourse area. We are one of the oldest french brand specializing in gold coins, bars; but alos in silver and other precious metal products. 

In order to increase the brand awareness even further, our head office added another franchise to the company, specialized in internet ordering solutions, called www.silvergoldtobuy.com

Thus, thanks to our expertise and experience, we intend to ensure Godot et Fils activity.

We ensure the confidentiality and security of our clients personal information, and do our best to keep in line with our business ethixs in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

We won't hesitate to sue any behavior contrary to the proper functioning of the company, money laundering and dishonesty among others. 

A brief history of Godot et Fils company

Godot et Fils was created in 1933, in the form of a bank called "Banque André Godovannikoff" specialized in currencies and precious metal.

Then, as a consequence of WWII, a pause had to be observed. 

Thus, the company had to wait until 1948 to freely resume its trading activities, know known as a limited company of exchange and precious metal, Godot et Fils.

And, until 1980, Rue Vivienne had only three well established shop, including Godot et Fils.

For the record, you should know that the company's dealers were actively involved on the trading floor during auction on the stock exchange, at least until it closed in 1987 because of its modernization.