These informations are for France law system only. Please inquire about your own countries laws, if you are abroad.

We are often contacted by notaries or heirs to proceed to valuation or division.

These proceeds are 100% free, not matter how much coins and ingots are to be shared.

We can proceed for you to your lot sharing, buyback or a simple valuation. We invite you to book an appointment at 26, rue Vivienne in Paris, FRANCE, via the contact form.

Be careful ! Heirs should avoid to touch the coins before valuating them. Actually, cleaning them would remove any numismatic interest in them (even if they look worn-out, rusty or oxydated, they shouldn’t be cleaned or their value might strongly decrease).


Gold coins are taxable according to donation rights.

It should be known that gold coins are taxable as any other good according to donation rights.

General principle : any natural person who get goods freely is ipso facto taxable for succession and donation rights. However, a few cases may allow you to be exonerated. Refers to the General Tax Code, formulas 790 E and 790 F.

Knowing donation rights tax breaks

Since the 1st January 2008, if there is a donation, a number of tax breaks may appears. Among them :

80 724 EUR for spouses, 100 000 EUR per heir, per child and handicaped donee (under certain conditions), 31 865 EUR per granchild, 5 310 EUR per great-grandchild.

These tax breaks may add to each other. They apply per period of 15 years.

For people engaged with civil solidarity pact (PACS) : the other person receive a tax break of 80 724 EUR, just like spouses, since the 1st January 2008.
However, the donation must be done by the person with whom the PACS was contracted. The received part is considered as the same as a spouse part.

However, this tax break isn’t valide anymore if the PACS is broken during its conclusion civile year or the next year for any motive other than their marriage or the deaht of one of them.

Brother-sister donations, since the 1st January 2008 benefit from a tax break of 15 932 euro per each alive brother and sister. This tax break may accumulate, if there is a reason, such as the handicaped person tax break.


For nephew and niece donations, this 7 967 tax break is split from each nephew and niece part since the 1st January 2008.


About former donations, these tax breaks are split from those the doneer already benefited from during former donations, in his lifetime, if it happened less than 6 years ago.

If you have question about succession, don’t hesitate to ask.