5 Kilos Silver Bar5 KILOS SILVER BAR

Intrinsic value  : 4 758.37 €
Premium  : 18.78 %


Weight 5000 grams
Fineness Gold 999.9 ‰
Country Fiji
Face value 25 dollars
Metal Silver
5 Kilos Silver Bar
5 Kilos Silver Bar


YOU BUY Net unit price
of 1 to 1 coins 5 708.90
of 2 to 3 coins 5 680.30
4 Coins or more 5 651.80
TOTAL: 5 708.90
YOU SELL Price per unit
4 189.00
TOTAL: 4 189.00


  • The Fidji 5 kilo silver bar is made by the founder Argor Heraeus for the Fidji government
  • It has the particularity of being exempted from taxes as it has the same advantages as a silver investment coin
  • It is therefore the ideal product for physical money investors ! These bar / coins were introduced on the market in 2015
Godot & Fils is actually the exclusive distributor on the French market. 

1. Characteristics of the Fidji 5 kilo silver bar

Introduced on the market in 2015, the 5 kilo silver bar is an excellent investment product if you wish to perform exchange transactions. 
As indicated by its name, the 5 kilo silver ingot weighs 5 kilos, its dimensions are 230 x 59 x 40 mm. Its purity is 999,9%. 
On the 5 kilo ingot of silver, you can see the symbol of the Fidji republic and its value. Under it is written the weight and purity in fine silver of the ingot. 

2. Prices of the Fidji 5 kilo silver ingot

The prices of the 5 kilo silver bar are linked to the silver prices. 
If you wish to know more about the evolution of the silver prices, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service by phone or by chat. You could also come meet us at the closest Godot & Fils agency. 
We would be happy to receive you and inform you on the quotation of the 5 kilo silver ingot. 

3. Price and value of the Fidji 5 kilo bar of silver

You’re planning to invest in the 5 kilo silver bar

This bar is one of our most popular products. 
Conceived for the account of the Fidji republic, the 5 kilo silver ingot has a face value of 25 Fijian dollars. 
As for the price of the 5 kilo silver bar, it varies considering different factors. Do not hesitate to inquire with professionals. 
The buying price on our website evolves in real time depending on the silver prices. 

4. Buying 5 kilo silver bar 

With the same advantages as a silver coin, the Fidji 5 kilo silver ingot is interesting to many investors as it is exempted from taxes. 
Having a Fidji 5 kilo silver bar allows you to invest for the long term. 
With the surge of scams in this sector, don’t hesitate to turn to a famous and recognized business on this market. 
At Godot & Fils, specialist in gold and silver since 1933, we offer you different possibilities for buying the 5 kilo silver bar :
  • Online, benefiting from a safe payment and delivery
  • In the closest Godot & Fils agency 

5. Selling 5 kilo silver bar 

The sale of a Fidji 5 kilo silver ingot requires turning to professionals  
If you have doubts about the estimation of your bar, our precious metals specialists, online or at the agency, will be able to advise you. 
They will also be able to offer you the best price to sell your 5 kilo silver bar

6. Where to buy/sell the Fidji 5 kilo bar of silver?

Godot & Fils is the right address if you wish to buy or sell a 5 kilo silver bar. Wherever you are, you can call our customer service. 
Depending on your availabilities, you can buy or sell your ingot of silver remotely. 
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  • Pure Silver
  • High liquidity on the market
  • Still in production
  • Brand new product


Our posted buy-back prices are 100% guaranteed for all coins or bars under Godot et Fils seal. Please contact us if you have any questions on this subject.


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